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Readme: get-github-public-organisation-repositories

Provides a method which will scan a Github Organisation for all public repositories, it can also return private repositories if explicitly requested.

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Requires Node.js 6.x and npm. You can install with:

npm install github-public-organisation-repositories

API Documentation

This library makes use of promises – familiarity is assumed in the rest of the API documentation. You'll also need to require the module with:

const getPublicOrganisationRepositoriesFactory = require('github-public-organisation-repositories');

getPublicOrganisationRepositoriesFactory( token )

This function returns the function used to retrieve the list of repositories from a Github organisation. The token parameter is required and should be the OAuth token used to authenticate with Github.

getPublicOrganisationRepositoriesFactory( token )(organisation, [privateWhitelist])

Returns a promise containing the list of repositories from the requested organisation on Github. If the privateWhitelist parameter is used, it will also include those private repositories in the resolved promise if they exist in the requested organisation on Github.


This module has a suite of unit tests, and is verified with ESLint. You can use the following commands to check your code before opening a pull request.

make verify  # verify JavaScript code with ESLint
make test    # run the unit tests and check coverage


New versions of the module are published automatically by CI when a new tag is created matching the pattern /v.*/.

Support and Migration

Major versions are normally supported for 3–6 months after their last minor release. This means that patch-level changes will be added and bugs will be fixed. The table below outlines the end-of-support dates for major versions, and the last minor release for that version.

We also maintain a migration guide to help you migrate.

Major Version Last Minor Release Node.js Versions Support End Date
❤️ 1 N/A 6+ N/A

If you're opening issues related to these, please mention the version that the issue relates to.


If you have any questions or comments about this module, or need help using it, please either raise an issue, visit #origami-support or email Origami Support.


This software is published by the Financial Times under the MIT licence.

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