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Readme: o-ads-embed

o-ads-embed is not maintained by the Origami team. This means that the Origami team will not necessarily be able to help you with support requests. The people who maintain this component may be able to offer support, but it's not guaranteed.

This module facilitates communication between advertising creatives in iframes and the main o-ads library via post message and so is dependant on o-ads existing in the top window to listen for the message.

This module is designed to be included in advertising creatives and not installed as a dependency.

Touch Events

On touch screen devices touch events are captured by iframes and not passed on to the parent page, this can be an issue under some circumstances such as an ad included in a gallery where swiping is required to move forwards.

To mitigate these circumstances o-ads-embed will detect when a touch screen is present and post the touchstart, touchend and touchmove events to o-ads via post message, you can listen for oAds.touch events in the top window if you need to react to these events.



In a creative wrapper, include the following:

<script src="https://www.ft.com/__origami/service/build/v2/bundles/js?modules=o-ads-embed@^3.0.0"></script>
if (window !== window.top) {


In a creative in DFP, include the following:

<div data-o-ads-collapse></div>
<script src="https://www.ft.com/__origami/service/build/v2/bundles/js?modules=o-ads-embed@^3.0.0"></script>
if (window !== window.top) {

This will collapse any ad slot that serves the creative with this code inside it.

Send a 'slotClass' message

Since v4 o-ads-embed will send a postMessage to the top browsing context (usually the main window in a production setup) whenever an html element is found in its browsing context (i.e. the creative wrapper) that contains a data-o-ads-class attribute.

The postMessage will contain an object containing type: "oAds.slotClass". Additionally it will contain a property slotClass with the value of the data-o-ads-class attribute.


If the creative wrapper contains an element like this <div data-o-ads-class="sticky"></div>, a postMessage will be sent with a payload object like this:

  type: "oAds.slotClass",
  slotClass: "sticky"



There are two demos that demonstrate the two uses mentioned above. In order to get things running, you'll need to add the following lines at the bottom of main.js and run obt build.

window.Origami = {
    'o-ads-embed': oAdsEmbed

The reason for this is that in a creative wrapper, we would load o-ads-embed through the Origami registry, which places a global Origmai object on the page with all of the modules requested. When we run the demos, we simply include a built version of the module from /build/main.js.

Run the demo with obt demo --runServer.

Run the o-ads demos alongside (npm run demo-server), then visit http://localhost:3002/demos/local/o-ads-embed.html. You should see both the o-ads-embed demos load up in iframes on this page.


Run obt test or obt test --debug.

Upgrading from v2

v3 is a BIG simplification over v2, after analysing which functionality is still being used by the FT. This is what changed:

To upgrade from v2, you will need to update all the creative wrappers in DFP with the code snippets above.

The main o-ads library is backwards compatible (at the time of writing) with o-ads-embed v2, for collapsing and touch event functionality.


This software is published by the Financial Times under the MIT licence.

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GitHub: o-ads-embed

Install o-ads-embed

If using the Build Service, add o-ads-embed@^4.6.1 to your script tag.

If using the npm package manager for a Manual Build, run npm install --save-peer "@financial-times/o-ads-embed@^4.6.1".

Help & Support

o-ads-embed is not supported directly by the Origami team. We make no guarantees, but will help if we can. First try contacting its maintainers at:

Slack: #advertising-dev
Email: origami.advertising.technology@ft.com