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This is an Origami module that enables display advertising from Googles DFP Ad server, and provides customised demographic, behavioural (via Krux), and contextual (via Admantx) targeting.


For basic use, a DFP account with Google is required.
Each targeting/tracking supplier will require their own configuration and setup.


Demos for all ads currently served across ft.com are available in the Origami Registry.


Includes detailed installation and set-up instructions, along with details about the module.


Install & Demos


The testing setup is unlike other origami components. There are unit tests which we run with karma, and these can be run with npm run test-unit

Browser tests
We also use Nightwatch and Browserstack to run cross browser tests. To run these:

  1. npm run demo-server in your terminal. This will compile and launch the demos on http://localhost:3002. This is needed for the next step to work
  2. npm run test-browser will run a local browserstack tunnel and run the tests

Migration Guide

Upgrading to v8

  • Breaking change: If you use the destroy method on a slots instance, this will now properly destroy the given slots rather than just clear them
  • New feature: util event 'off' - remove an event listener

Upgrading to v9

  • Breaking change: o-ads now requires consent before loading Krux or adding custom targeting to the ad calls. Consent can be provided in two ways:
  1. Provide a cookie with the name FTConsent and specify which consent the user has given as part of the value like this: behaviouraladsOnsite:on,programmaticadsOnsite:on
  2. Initialise o-ads with the disableConsentCookie option.