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Commenting for FT content. Integrated with FT authentication and user data services.



<div class="demos-container">
  <div data-o-component="o-comments" data-o-comments-config-title="Comments demo" data-o-comments-config-url="" data-o-comments-config-articleid="o-comments-demo">
    <div class="o--if-no-js">To participate in this chat, you need to upgrade to a newer web browser. <a href="">Learn more.</a></div>
Bower Dependencies
o-comment-api ^2.3.0
o-comment-ui ^4.0.1
o-comment-utilities ^2.3.0
o-fonts ^3.0.0
o-colors ^4.0.0
o-assets >=2.0.0 <4
o-icons >=4.0.0 <6
dom-delegate ^2.1.0
GitHub Repository


Build Service

Add the following to your <script> and <link> tags.


How do I do that?

For more information see the Origami build service.

Manual Build Process

Run the following command in the root directory of your project, to add this dependency to your bower.json file:

bower install --save "o-comments"@"^4.1.2"

For more information see the Origami build process.