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Readme: o-cookies

o-cookies is not maintained by the Origami team. This means that the Origami team will not necessarily be able to help you with support requests. The people who maintain this component may be able to offer support, but it's not guaranteed.

o-cookies has a support status of "dead". This means that there are no plans to fix any issues with this component, and it may stop working at any point. More information on the status of this component is available in the README. If you still rely on this component or have concerns, please contact the Origami team.

This module is deprecated and is no longer maintained. Consider a more standard approach to handling cookies.

Provides a utility for getting or setting the value of cookies. Also contains additional methods for getting and setting parameters of certain FT cookies (which use a variety of different syntaxes)

Browser support

This module has been verified in Internet Explorer 7+, modern desktop browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, …) and mobile browsers (Android browser, iOS safari, Chrome mobile).


Supported FT cookies

The following FT cookies are supported for setting and fetching key-value data from within the cookie


// Get the value of slot 2 in the AYSC cookie
var val = require('o-cookies').getParam('AYSC', '02');


Copyright (c) 2016 Financial Times Ltd. All rights reserved.

This software is published under the MIT licence.

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GitHub: o-cookies

Install o-cookies

If using the Build Service, add o-cookies@^1.1.2 to your script tag.

If using the npm package manager for a Manual Build, run npm install --save-peer "@financial-times/o-cookies@^1.1.2".

Help & Support

o-cookies is not supported directly by the Origami team. We make no guarantees, but will help if we can. First try contacting its maintainers at:

Email: rhys.evans@ft.com