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Readme: o-fonts

Easily include FT web fonts in products.

Quick start

<!-- Load web fonts with @font-face declarations  -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="//origami-build.ft.com/v2/bundles/css?modules=o-fonts@^2" />

<!-- Set font families -->
    html {
        font-family: FinancierDisplayWeb, sans-serif;
    h1 {
        font-family: MetricWeb, serif;

Looking for more advanced usage options (Sass…)?

Browser support

o-fonts loads web fonts in the WOFF format.

WOFF is supported in IE 9+, Chrome, Firefox, iOS 5+, Android 4.4+.
View full support table on caniuse.com.

Font families, weights and styles

Weight FinancierDisplayWeb MetricWeb
light i i
regular i i
medium i
semibold i
bold i

i: italic available (if not, faux-italic will be displayed)

Advanced usage

Loading all the web fonts

$o-fonts-is-silent: false;
@import 'o-fonts/main';


@import 'o-fonts/main';
@include oFontsIncludeAll();

Loading specific web fonts

@import 'o-fonts/main';

// @font-face declarations for all Financier Display weights
@include oFontsInclude(FinancierDisplayWeb, light);
@include oFontsInclude(FinancierDisplayWeb, regular);
@include oFontsInclude(FinancierDisplayWeb, bold);

// @font-face declarations for Metric regular / italic
@include oFontsInclude(MetricWeb, $weight: regular, $style: italic);

Specifying font families

oFontsGetFontFamilyWithFallbacks() is a function that returns the correct font-family with web safe fallbacks.

.my-class {
    font-family: oFontsGetFontFamilyWithFallbacks(FinancierDisplayWeb);

Compiles to:

.my-class {
    font-family: FinancierDisplayWeb, sans-serif;


Product tip: store the family in a variable for brevity.

// _my-variables.scss
$serif: oFontsGetFontFamilyWithFallbacks(FinancierDisplayWeb);

// foo.scss
@import 'my-variables';
.foo {
    font-family: $serif;

// bar.scss
@import 'my-variables';
.bar {
    font-family: $serif;

oFontsGetFontFamilyWithFallbacks() has the added benefit of warning you if the family specified doesn't exist in the list of supported families (which as a result wouldn't show the text as intended).

Contribute (adding new variants)

Note: font files are contained in a separate, private repository (o-fonts-assets).

Open src/scss/_variables.scss in a text editor. Add the font family name (if it's an entirely new family) and the variant styles to the $o-fonts-families map:

$o-fonts-families: (
    MetricWeb: (
        font-family: 'MetricWeb, sans-serif',
        variants: (
            (weight: lighter, style: normal),
            (weight: normal,  style: normal),
            (weight: bold,    style: normal)
    // …

And then, if it's a new family, add a new entry in demos/src/config.json, like so:

"demos": {
  "metricweb": {
    "data": { "font": "metricweb" }

And a new entry in demos/src/demo.scss:

.demo-family-metricweb .demo-example {
    font-family: oFontsGetFontFamilyWithFallback(MetricWeb);


If you have any questions or comments about this component, or need help using it, please either raise an issue, visit #ft-origami or email Origami Support.


This software is published under the MIT licence.

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Install o-fonts

If using the Build Service, add o-fonts@^3.0.4 to your link tag.

If running a Manual Build, run bower install --save "o-fonts@^3.0.4".

Help & Support

o-fonts is maintained directly by the Origami team. If you have any questions about o-fonts or Origami in general, we are happy to help. 😊

Slack: #ft-origami
Email: origami.support@ft.com

Feedback / Issues

To report a bug or request features please create an issue on Github. For support or general feedback please get in touch 😊

Slack: #ft-origami
Email: origami.support@ft.com