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SassDoc: o-tabs


Silent mode



Outputs tabs with a default theme 'secondary'.


oTabsButtonTabsTheme(theme, selector)

Outputs a modifier class to theme tabs.

parameter type default description
theme A theme identifier (string or list), see readme for available themes, or a custom theme map.
selector (optional) true @deprecated set to false. Whether to wrap output in a css class or not. E.g. ".o-tabs--primary".


active Origami v1
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GitHub Repository

Install o-tabs

If using the Build Service, add o-tabs@^4.3.2 to your script and link tags. Ensure the correct brand is set with a query parameter &brand=internal.

If running a Manual Build, run npm install "o-tabs@^4.3.2".

Help & Support

o-tabs is maintained directly by the Origami team. If you have any questions about o-tabs or Origami in general, we are happy to help. 😊

Slack: #ft-origami
Email: origami.support@ft.com

Feedback / Issues

To report a bug or request features please create an issue on Github. For support or general feedback please get in touch 😊

Slack: #ft-origami
Email: origami.support@ft.com