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Readme: origami-build-tools

origami-build-tools has a support status of "deprecated". This means that no new features will be added to this component, but security-related bugs will be fixed. We do not recommend using this component in new projects. If you still rely on this component or have concerns, please contact the Origami team.

Build tools for developing Origami components.


  1. Install node.js

  2. Install the build tools globally:

    npm install -g origami-build-tools


Developing Existing Components Locally

First, change to your components directory:

git clone git@github.com:Financial-Times/o-table.git
cd o-table

Then install its dependencies:

obt install

To preview the components demos run the dev command. The dev command will automatically re-build the demos every time a file changes:

obt dev

After making your changes run the linter and check for errors:

obt lint

Also run the components tests:

obt test

To debug JavaScript test errors with immediate feedback and breakpoints, pass the debug flag. This will open the tests in a browser window with logs in the browser console. It will also watch and rebuild tests when you make changes:

obt test --debug

Further, JavaScript tests may be run in BrowserStack automatically with the --browserstack flag. See the test command for more details.

Creating A New Component

Origami Build Tools provides boilerplate for creating up a new Origami component. Run obt init and follow the prompts.

API Reference

    $ obt <command> [<options>]

    install, i             Install npm dependencies required to build the component
    develop, dev           Build demos locally every time a file changes and run a server to view them
    demo, d                Build demos into the demos directory
    init                   Initialise a new component with a boilerplate folder structure
    test, t                Run Origami specification tests and component specific tests
    verify, v, lint, l     Check folder and code structure follows Origami specification

    -h, --help                 Print out this message
    -v, --version              Print out version of origami-build-tools
    --browserstack             Run tests using Browserstack instead of Chrome Stable
    --demo-filter=<demo-name>  Build a specific demo. E.G. --demo-filter=pa11y to build only the pa11y.html demo.
    --brand=<brand-name>       Build SCSS for a given brand. E.G. --brand=internal to build the component for the internal brand.
    --debug                    Keep the test runner open to enable debugging in any browser.


install or i

Install npm required to build components.

develop or dev

Build demos locally every time a file changes and run a server to view them.


Creates boilerplate for a new Origami component.

demo or d

Build demos found in the origami.json manifest.

Build a specific demo with the --demo-filter option.

Demos consist of HTML, CSS and JS (if Sass & JS exists), and are created in demos/local/. These files should not be committed. It is recommended to add demos/local/ to your .gitignore.

verify or v or lint or l

Lints JavaScript, Sass and configuration files (see Origami code recommendations).

test or t

Runs JavaScript and Sass tests.

Checks Sass includes a primary mixin.
If pa11y.html demo exists, confirms it is accessible using Pa11y.
Runs tests using Karma defaulting to Chrome Stable, can be configured to use BrowserStack by using the --browserstack flag. You will need the environment variables BROWSER_STACK_USERNAME and BROWSER_STACK_ACCESS_KEY set. This will run the tests on the minimum version for enhanced experience based on the [FT Browser Support Policy[(https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mByh6sT8zI4XRyPKqWVsC2jUfXHZvhshS5SlHErWjXU).

Migration Guides

State Major Version Last Minor Release Migration guide
✨ active 11 N/A migrate to v11
⚠ maintained 10 10.9 migrate to v10
╳ deprecated 9 9.0 migrate to v9
╳ deprecated 8 8.2 migrate to v8
╳ deprecated 7 7.14 migrate to v7
╳ deprecated 6 6.2 migrate to v6
╳ deprecated 5 5.8 -
╳ deprecated 4 4.5 -
╳ deprecated 3 3.3 -
╳ deprecated 2 2.1 -
╳ deprecated 1 1.0 N/A


This software is published by the Financial Times under the MIT licence.

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GitHub: origami-build-tools@11.1.2