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Provides the data consumed via origami-navigation-service.

MIT licensed

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How to edit navigation data

The navigation data is written in YAML and can be edited via the Github edit tool.

Steps to edit navigation data:


Running Origami Navigation Service Data requires Node.js 10 and npm.


The tests are split into unit tests and integration tests. To run tests on your machine you'll need to install Node.js and run make install. Then you can run the following commands:

make test              # run all the tests
make test-unit         # run the unit tests
make test-integration  # run the integration tests

You can run the unit tests with coverage reporting, which expects 90% coverage or more:

make test-unit-coverage verify-coverage

The code will also need to pass linting on CI, you can run the linter locally with:

make verify

We run the tests and linter on CI, you can view [results on CI][ci]. make test and make lint must pass before we merge a pull request.


The production data is stored in Fastly. We deploy continuously to production via [CI][ci], you should never need to deploy manually.




The Financial Times has published this software under the MIT license.

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