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Readme: origami-project-board-action

Automatically add all new issues and pull requests to the Origami Project Board!


See ./example.yml

1. Adding the secret

  1. Add the repository to the organisation wide secrets: https://github.com/organizations/Financial-Times/settings/secrets for ORIGAMI_FOX_ACCESS_TOKEN.

2. Adding the workflow

  1. In your project, make the directory .github/workflows/ if it does not exist
  2. Add this file to the .github/workflows/ directory as add-new-issues-and-pull-requests-to-origami-project-board.yml
  3. Branch, commit, push, pr, enjoy
mkdir -p .github/workflows
curl -Lso .github/workflows/add-new-issues-and-pull-requests-to-origami-project-board.yml https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Financial-Times/origami-project-board-action/v1/example.yml
git checkout -b "origami-project-board-workflow"
git add .github
git commit -m "Add origami project board workflow"
git push


If your changes are not breaking, feel free to push them to the v1 branch, and they'll be picked up by every repo running v1.

If your changes ARE breaking, then you should create a v2 branch and update your chosen components to use the new workflow.

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