Specialist title logos Build status

An image set of logos used by Specialist Titles (eg Investors Chronicle, Non-executive Directors' Club)


As with all image sets, these are available via the Image Service.

To get a logo from the Image Service, use the following URL (replace the product_source with your product name and title_name with the logo you want)


So to get the Non-executive Directors' Club:

Getting these images in a different colour/format/size

The Image Service will convert these images on the fly if you pass in the right parameters. To find out more about this, please see the Image Service documentation

## Adding or modifying logos

To keep images consistent, please follow these guidelines:

Please do not delete images without talking to the Origami team who will need to manage the deprecation process

Questions or comments?

Please raise an issue, or Internal FT users can contact us via #ft-origami in Slack.


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