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Readme: scrumple

A fast (and scrappy) JavaScript bundler for developing Origami components.


Fast! 🦀

During development we want compilation to be as fast as possible.

Origami specific

Scrumple is based on a now-deleted tool called Pax, but we have added support for bower_components and optimised the code for Origami components. For example, it uses the browser field by default when building an npm component.


This is a developer tool, not production software. It's designed to give the developer super-fast feedback when building components, not for building a production application.


Scrumple is available to install via npm:

npm install -g scrumple


Usage: scrumple [options] <input> [output]
       scrumple [-h | --help | -v | --version]

    -i, --input <input>
        Use <input> as the main module.

    -o, --output <output>
        Write bundle to <output> and source map to <output>.map.
        Default: '-' for stdout.

    -m, --map <map>
        Output source map to <map>.

    -I, --map-inline
        Output source map inline as data: URI.

    -M, --no-map
        Suppress source map output when it would normally be implied.

    -w, --watch
        Watch for changes to <input> and its dependencies.

    -W, --quiet-watch
        Don't emit a bell character for errors that occur while watching.
        Implies --watch.

    -x, --external <module1,module2,...>
        Don't resolve or include modules named <module1>, <module2>, etc.;
        leave them as require('<module>') references in the bundle. Specifying
        a path instead of a module name does nothing.

        Ignore references to node.js core modules like 'events' and leave them
        as require('<module>') references in the bundle.

    -b, --for-bower
        Use bower.json instead of package.json

    -N, --allow-npm-dev-deps
        When using --for-bower, this forces packages in the project's
        package.json#devDependencies to be resolved through npm. This is is for
        creating testing bundles that use npm-only dependencies

    -h, --help
        Print this message.

    -v, --version
        Print version information.


Scrumple is written in rust 🦀

Updating snapshots

Scrumple makes use of insta for snapshots.

If you have changed some code and cargo test is failing, you can check the new snapshot is correct (which is available at src/test/$snapshot_name.snap.new) and then replace the old one.

Insta provides a tool which gives you a lovely interface for doing this, instead of doing it manually. It's called cargo-insta.

cargo install cargo-insta
cargo test
cargo insta review

This will bring up a menu that lets you review and confirm the snapshots in your terminal.

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